Conceptualising Democracy – Comparative Democracy Takeover EP 1

Talk Social Science To Me
Talk Social Science To Me
Conceptualising Democracy – Comparative Democracy Takeover EP 1

How can we measure democracy? In the first episode of the Comparative Democracy Takeover our guest host Rikki Dean deals with this question and talks to Carl Knutsen und Brigitte Geißel about the conceptualisation of democracy.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Carl Knutsen and Brigitte Geissel, then check out the links to their research below, as well as links to some of the other works referenced in the episode.

Carl Knutsen

  • Carl Knutsen’s website:
  • The V-DEM project website
  • Coppedge, M., Gerring, J., Glynn, A., Knutsen, C. H., Lindberg, S. I., Pemstein, D., Seim, B., Skaaning, S.-E., & Teorell, J. (2020). Varieties of democracy: Measuring two centuries of political change. Cambridge University Press.
  • Coppedge, M., Gerring, J., Knutsen, C. H., Krusell, J., Medzihorsky, J., Pernes, J., Skaaning, S.-E., Stepanova, N., Teorell, J., & Tzelgov, E. (2019). The methodology of “varieties of democracy”(V-Dem). Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique, 143(1), 107–133.
  • Knutsen, C. H., Teorell, J., Wig, T., Cornell, A., Gerring, J., Gjerløw, H., Skaaning, S.-E., Ziblatt, D., Marquardt, K. L., & Pemstein, D. (2019). Introducing the Historical Varieties of Democracy dataset: Political institutions in the long 19th century. Journal of Peace Research, 56(3), 440–451.

Brigitte Geissel:

Other works referenced in the episode:

  • Warren, M. E. (2017). A Problem-Based Approach to Democratic Theory. American Political Science Review, 111(01), 39–53.
  • Hibbing, J. R., & Theiss-Morse, E. (2002). Stealth Democracy: Americans’ Beliefs About How Government Should Work. Cambridge University Press.
  • Adcock, R., & Collier, D. (2001). Measurement Validity: A Shared Standard for Qualitative and Quantitative Research. American Political Science Review, 95(3), 529–546.

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